Kuwait National Celebrations

25 02 2010
Old Coin

By Ahmad Alfahad

Kuwait is celebrating its National Day today, and its Liberation day from the Iraqi invasion tomorrow.  February in general has morphed into an uncontrollable festive month.  As much as I love my country, I am always glad not to be in it during the celebrations to avoid losing what faith I have left in the sanity of my fellow countrymen and women.


Locking Up..

25 02 2010

Photo by Gregory Pleau

I’ve just completed encrypting my laptop drive with BitLocker. I also downloaded PGP and I’m installing it now. I still have my PGP keys I generated ages ago. Why am I doing that? I honestly don’t know..

Hello Universe!

25 02 2010
Photo by Cult Gigolo

By Cult Gigolo

In a hotel room, talking to the housekeeping in English plus sign language.  It is quite interesting the communication abilities you discover once you realize that there is no common language.  I talk in a weird noise to her, she replies in what sounds like a broken diesel engine to me, and yet we understand each other. Oh the fun I am having.

The weather is sunny and amazing today so I wonder why I am here, in this room, with this eccentric house keeping lady running around.  She is actually physically honestly running, does she know I have an 10 euros in my pocket that I intend to give to her?  I usually have a hard time tipping housekeeping staff.  You are usually not around when they are around.  So I’d rather just leave a piece of paper with a thank you note on the table with the tip before I leave the room in the morning.  But it doesn’t work since she can’t read English.  So she ran towards the door to bring back a couple of light bulbs that I requested and came back in less than a minute.  She screwed in the light bulbs and ran out the door.  I managed to stop her, thank her and give her the tip.  This was the moment I decided to start my own blog.  So there you go..

P.S. This comment is strictly for one person (you know who you are).  She’s old enough to be my mother!