Good News..

3 03 2010

By Tim Hulme

I’ve been out of Kuwait and, by choice, out of touch with most people there for a couple of months now.  I decided to take a very long vacation, stay out of touch and clear my mind and my leave balance at work.  I even stopped reading Kuwaiti news papers which is a daily regimen for me because of their focus on the negative and bad news.  I have to admit that occasionally slip and read a couple of them online.

Yesterday I head some really good news in a long time.  Mostly personal news, but good none the less.  One piece of news was the highlight though.  My cousin, more like a brother, who has been smoking for 19 years had quit a month ago. A whole month now and I did not know about it.  That was the most positive thing I’ve heard since the start of my semi communication black out.  It is strange  how things can change in as short as a month.  May Allah bless him and give him the strength to stay smoke free.